Friday, April 19, 2013

So far

I lounged at the beach in Varadero (got sunburned), spent a freezing night in one of the chinesemade
overnight busses to Holguin, spent two days with friends of my mother in Holguin were the showed me around and let me take part in there everyday life.
For example buying groceries, on sunday the national supermarket (or how it is called) gets ice cream. But  till we arrived there the line was allready longer than the amount it had to sell. We then tried to buy some  platanos (plantain) for which we had to visit 5 different market stands. Of course they were all spread around the innercity...
After Holguin I left for Gibara, a sleepy old town with much of its buildings still dating back to the colonial area. I saw maybe three to four cars and propably twice as many horse carriages, but transport is another blogpost on its own. In the evening the streets which lay empty all day began to fill and there was even a band playing.
The next day I took a mecanico back to Holguin and then a Bus/Truck to Guardalavaca. I went diving (not extraordinary but okay) and visited the friend of the family at work in one one of the all-inclusive-hotels. I just walked in as if I would stay there and found him bi chance working at the Havana Club Bar, where I  enjoyed drinks for free ^^
Two nights was enough on this tourist strip and the next day I took a mecanico back to Holguin, got my old casa particular and now I’m writing this.