Monday, August 19, 2013

Finca Ixobel (17.07.2013 - 19.07.2013)

Looking for a place to split the trip down south to Rio Dulce we stumbled upon Finca Ixobel. Next to the town of Poptun lies this finca which sports some dorms, private rooms and a camp ground with tree houses! A big group of tourist-guide-students from Guatemala City had most of them reserved, we were lucky to get the last of the standard tree houses. The standard version is basically a wooden box on stilts with a bed, mosquito net and a candle, there is no electricity. The deluxe version has power and even a private bath downstairs.

In the evening they opened the bar next to the swimming pond. We were quite tired and soon went back to our cabin to go to sleep. But on the way to the bathroom we changed our mind. Thats how we ended up in the bar with our tooth brushes ^^
The evening turned out to be quite fun! The group of french canadians staying in the dorm were already starting to dance with the guatemalan girls. Some of these girls were well drunk and overweight, so the attempts on the dancing pole were quite entertaining.

The next day we did a horseback trip around the huge farm. Melanies first time on a horse ;)

We paid around 12 USD/CHF for our rustic suite.