Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Entering Honduras (28.08.2013 - 30.08.2013)

As we were running out of time (hehe) we decided we've seen enough and skip the rest of El Salvador. So we took a shuttle and many immigration stamps later we made it to Honduras. The lovely town of Copan Ruinas (that is really the name of it) is famous for its, you guessed it, ruins. As we only wanted to stay two night's we had to choose between hot springs and more mayan ruins. So we went bathing ^^
We had a lovely day soaking in the hot pools and left early the next morning. Really early for Melanie ;). The bus took us to San Pedro Sula, which is supposed to be the most dangerous city in the world. But nobody bothered us or our PiƱata at the bus stop ;). Another bus and then a ferry ride took us to Utila... more to come!