Monday, January 27, 2014

Cali and heading to Quito (14.01.2014 - 17.01.2014)

From Bogota we caught a cheap flight to Cali where we stayed for two nights. We explored our neighbourhood and the old town with its hill overlooking part of the sprawling city. To buy groceries we went to the Almada Gallery and cooked us some nice dinner.

To head further south we took a bus all the way to Ipiales on the ecuadorian border. On the way our bus climbed some of the northernmost part of the andes with amazing views. We saw huge cloud formations breaking/amass on mountain ridges, dark green valleys and some winding roads. Having first thought about taking a night bus we were glad we decided against it. Would have been a shame to miss this awesome scenery!

We slept in a shady hotel and got up earlyish the next day to visit Las Lajas Sanctuary. To get there we shared a cab with Chris from the states which we met in the bus from Cali. The way to and around the church is plastered with little plaques and badges thanking for miracles which happened after praying at the church. The christian church and therefor ignorance for science is still big in latin america...

The tree of us shared later another cab to the border and crossed it together without any hassle. Once in Ecuador we took a mini bus to the bus station and another bus to Quito. Six hours later we arrived in the capital of Ecuador and headed to our hostel.

On our way to Ipiales