Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To Quito then to Lima and further to Cusco (25.01.2014 - 29.01.2014)

Our time in the Galapagos was at its end and we flew back to the mainland. We spent two nights in Quito and visited the city. There isn't much to see except the mandatory church/cathedral. Nice though is that certain streets are closed for traffic on sundays and you can see people bicycling everywhere.

The next day we boarded our plane to Peru, landing in Lima just two hours later. We spent the following day exploring the Mariscal area and did some (window) shopping. There where dozens of paragliders in the air, soaring on the steep cliffs facing the sea. Using the upwinds for their crazy tricks. Made me look forward to go flying again...

To get to Cusco we flew for one hour to avoid the 30+ hours bus ride. We landed safely in Cusco and immediately felt the high altitude. Cusco lies at 3400 meter above sea, walking up some steep steps with your backpack already left you out of breath!

Mighty condor