Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gear - Travel Mug

Along our journey we came to appreciate little things which every traveller should at least consider to bring. Also we want to share the insight we got in our gear, what stood up to the travel and what not.

Lets start simple: A travel mug.

Everybody on the road should have his own mug! For sharing a bottle of rum or wine with new or old friends in all the odd places you might be.
You could bring plastic cups (environmental no no) or drink straight from the bottle (minus points on style), but nothing beets a mug.
We have used ours countless times for a Cuba Libre on the beach or some decent Argentinian wine in the bus =)

Melanies tin mug is probably the better choice than my enamel one, as it is lighter and can't break. I nevertheless love mine and the story behind it, having borrowed it back on Isla Mujeres. I just have to figure out a way to bring it back... ;)