Saturday, April 25, 2020

On the way to the Gobi desert

We stocked up on supplies in Bayankhongor and drove further south.

Excited Martin standing on his car, don't know why 🀷‍♂️πŸ˜‚

After a lovely night in the middle of nowhere we soon encountered more and more camels. Somebody was really excited πŸ€£
The landscape gradually changed and it became more and more deserted, haha.
We also managed to loose track of each other, quite a feat in such an open and flat environment. But due to the dust which gets kicked up we usually did not follow each other close. The moment the tracks branch out its just guess work which is the "right" one and if the car in the lead made the same decisionπŸ˜‚

As we had missed a turn somewhere we had to go cross country. It was quite the struggle to get in and out of the ravines for the long wheel bases πŸ˜

In one of the last villages was some kind of festival with wrestling bouts, horse show(?), food and game stalls.
Different kind of horse power
Imagine a little festival with crowds around stalls etc but with horses in the middle of itπŸ˜‚ You would turn around and a little pony would look at you questioningly πŸ˜†
Mongolia in the 21th century: Toyota Prius and horseback riding
There were many stalls offering you to win some kind of price if you could hit enough balloons with a dart. Naturally the range wasn't enclosed and people always wandered in front of the targets πŸ™ˆ And of course the little kids weren't so accurate... It didn't take long and one dart flew past the board and hit a pony in the flank πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ Luckily it wasn't a hard throw and nobody got hurt, still decided to stay away from those stalls πŸ˜†
We bought some kind of beer for which we had to bring our own bottle and watched the wrestling.  No clue what the rules were but some did apparently win one way over the other.

Conversation was difficult but didn't hinder the village drunk to hang out with us 🀣

Soon it was time to look for a place for the night. The boys in the LandCruiser got talked into buying an oven kit for their Coleman stove back at home but had never used it. So it was time to give it a go and keep our crepes warm! πŸ˜ƒ Excellent ending to an amazing day!
Tobi concentrating