Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bariloche, Suiza Argentina (06.03.2014 - 09.03.2014)

Our bus took us up north again before heading east through the national park to the frontier. 
We had heard the expression Switzerland of Argentina before, but where still quite surprised to find a town with many wood and stone buildings bordering a nice lake surrounded by mountains and woods. The big surprise though where the many shops selling chocolate and the restaurants offering cheese fondue o_O 
You can also tell from the names of towns and streets that one or two Swiss citizen has left his mark. Nearby is the town of Colonia Suiza, with streets as Zürich or Canton Valais. 
Because of its touristy nature the prices where even higher than in Chile and the main street consist mainly of outdoor, chocolate or gift shops. 
Instead of booking an expensive tour we took the bus and headed to Parque Municipal Lla Llao. We strolled around the lakeside which remembered me a lot of Canada or the wilder parts of back home.
For the overnight bus ride up north we booked a cama-seat with CATA. We had comfy wide seat, including a hot meal with wine and champagne! 15 hours later we arrived relaxed in the Malbec paradise.

The main plaza