Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Greater Valparaiso (20.02.2014 - 24.02.2014)

Our night bus dropped us quite early in the morning in Valparaiso. Together with Has & Steff we took a cab to the hillside where our hostel was. Wanting to know a bit of the city we decided to join one of the free walking tours. But the two guides where soooo annoying (silly laughs, clapping hands like retards and speaking like we where babies...) we soon snook off. We passed the day by wandering around the streets by ourselves enjoying the graffitis and the many little shops.
To relax a bit we headed to Reñaca Beach the following day, but the water was cold with huge waves and currents so the life guards wouldn't let anybody in =/. The beach itself was covered in promotion stands, encouraging people in silly dances or just plain boredom (Samsung Electronics stand on the beach, o_O). Nevertheless entertaining/amusing ;)
The next day the City Down Hill Worldcup made a stop to host the Red Bull Cerro Abajo. By chance Pim, which we met a couple of years before while diving in Nusa Lembongan, was in Santiago for work and came over with a buddy to see the spectacle. We had a great time, wandered along the whole run and had some spectacular views. Later in the evening Pim, Mark, Melanie and I headed over to Viña del Mar, which was once the beach-get-away for wealthy merchants of Valparaiso. It is quite a contrast from the little winding streets covered in graffiti of Valparaiso to the big shiny hotels and condos of Viña.
Our last day we spent again wandering the many colourful streets and snapping pictures of the street art.