Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Salvador de Bahia (11.05.2014 - 12.05.2014)

Salvador may not be as well known as Rio but has also a long tradition of colourful carnival. It is even bigger as the one in Rio, says Wikipedia ;)
With a high percentage of African descendants you can feel a change of vibes compared to the south. The traditional and colourful dresses the woman used to wear (and still do to get some bucks from the tourists) or the multicoloured houses remembered us a lot of the Caribbean.

The overcast and windy weather discouraged us from venturing far on the first day. The next day it cleared up and we had a stroll through the historic center. One of the oldest cities on the continent and also first capitol of Brazil, there are still many colonial buildings around. The historic center is well maintained and clearly the highlight of the city.

We looked at the option to rent a car for the trip up north to Recife. Sadly the drop-off charges for not returning the car at the rental place doubled the price and made it too expensive. So we decided against it and took one more time to the bus terminal, a bad decision which we found out later...

Church fence covered in bracelets