Thursday, May 22, 2014

Venturing up the coast or so (13.05.2014 - 14.05.2014)

From Salvador we took a bus up north to Praia do Forte. This little beach getaway is famous for its turtle beach and the humpback whales which migrate here. Sadly neither of them were in season during our short stay. We took a walk through the little reserve nearby and ended up at the beach with all its marked nest. To prevent predators munching all the tasty turtle eggs they put some wire mesh over the nests and mark them with a post and number. It was cool to see how many nests and how few people where around!
The little theme park/zoo/sanctuary they have in town although is a disgrace. Having giant sea turtles and huge goliath groupers locked in tiny ugly blue painted concrete ponds is just uncool. Also the stingray "petting pool" was quite offensive...

Praia do Forte