Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mighty Hellas (24. - 28.07.2014)

After all this daily driving we stopped for two nights in Thessaloniki. Here they serve you always and immediately free water once your seated. We guessed this is so you don't die of thirst, as the service was always super slow. Waiting to order and to settle the bill seems to be common here. Who would have thought they don't employ enough waiters in a country with 25% unemployment rate...
After some party and snapping pictures we continued on to the island Thassos. In the tiny village of Pefkari was our first proper camping. Firing up the gasoline stove for the first time (without loosing eyebrows ^^), lying on our inflatable mattress (thanks to our east coast connections! ^^) and just chilling at the beach was our schedule. Most of the visitors where from Romania, Bulgaria or Serbia. We also didn't fit in age wise, old couples and families ;)
On the second night we discovered the neighbor town of Patos for some party. The locals we talked to didn't even know about Switzerland!?! O_o No not Sweden!
Hung over we took the ferry the day after back to the mainland and continued on to Istanbul.