Monday, July 28, 2014

Ohrid & Skopje, Macedonia (22. -23.07.2014)

Last Yugoslavian country on our list was Macedonia. We stayed for one night in Ohrid next to lake Ohrid, supposedly one of the oldest lakes in the world. A speciality of the region is baked eel. Sadly you have to order it in advance as it takes two to thee hours to prepare. The eels used to migrate from the lake to the Saragossa sea (next to the Caribbean), 6500km away! Nowadays there are too many hydroelectric dams blocking the river and they are stuck =/
We snapped pictures from the town and the castle overlooking the lake. They proudly fly their flag from every tower...
Next was the capital Skopje, where we had an entire hostel for ourselves :). Skopje is littered with statues, on every corner or plaza is a lion or dude on a podium. "Highlight" is a monstrous mix of a fountain, pillar and statue, including light and sound! o_O
The following day we left for Greece and where reminded that they do not approve of the name Macedonia. A big part of the antic Macedonia lies in Greece, they also have a region with the same name. At the border they had a sign "The sign MK is not recognized by Greece". Because of this opposition some maps have FYROM written next to Macedonia: Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia.