Sunday, May 10, 2015

Solothurner Beerdays by Vespa (24.04.2015 - 25.04.2015)

The beer festival in Solothurn was a good excuse to wake our slumbering Vespas from winter sleep.
Together with three friends, all on old Vespas as well, we drove out into the wild west of Switzerland.

Of course the journey was the destination itself, for that reason we took quite a detour to Delemont and back south again. On the way (or not so on the way) we "did" three mountain passes. None besides the last one over the Weissenstein really taxing or worth mentioning ;). Nevertheless did we managed to drive almost twice the distance Google Maps had calculated directly ^^

The beer festival itself was quite nice. All the little breweries had stalls were you could taste and sample their trade. Definitely the way to discover some hidden and unknown gems (and also some quite horrible tasting concoctions ^^).

For the night we stayed at the nice youth hostel, located in the old town right next to the river Aare. The breakfast was a bit miserable, otherwise a good choice!

After some sightseeing the next day it was already time to mount our steeds and head home, hoping to arrive there before the rain set in.

PS: One of our Vespas broke down and had to be left behind, it wasn't mine! ;)