Friday, October 2, 2015

Getting to Palawan (26.09.2015 - 28.09.2015)

As our Cathay Pacific flight from Zurich already left with 3/4 of an hour delay we of course missed our connection flight with them from Hong Kong to Manila. After waiting four hours they put us in an Philippines Airlines flight instead. But of course this flight arrived on another terminal in Manila. Doesn't sound like a big deal do you think? Well the different terminals are kind of independent buildings/airports, connected by bus and taxi. To even have a slight chance we jumped into a cab and drove right into the gigantic traffic jam that is Manila. A lot of honking and overtaking later our taxi driver delivered us with probably a new record time for the distance through traffic. Nevertheless it was to late... Cebu Pacific wouldn't let us board and told us we would have to pay a fee for changing our current travel plans or even buy en entire new flight.
So we consulted the Cathay Pacific desk, as it was their "fault" of delivering us four hours late and on the wrong terminal. Luckily the people there where super friendly and helpfully that in the end their airline organized a new ticket for us to Palawan, even making sure our next flight was still valid. A big thank you here to those guys, other airlines we've flown with just stonewalled us when we had a similar problem (but then again that was in Greece, they aren't doing too well now are they....).
Anyway, our Cebu flight of course was delayed as well. At the time we should have been boarding the plane had barely arrived from its previous flight. When we finally were in the air they started some kind of game where we were supposed to take selfies in the plane to win some famous prize. I didn't see a single one taking a picture, not even the locals ;).
So in the end we made it to Puerto Princesa on Palawan with about eight hour delay, exhausted but happy. And because of our long "stopovers" the luggage even made it ;).

Every Juan!!! :D
The following day we didn't do much besides raiding the ATMs to get cash as our next destination wouldn't have any. After this and some shopping (mainly anti mosquito cream, the stuff they sell in Switzerland is a joke and doesn't help at all) we chilled at the pool. So on the next day we jumped on a mini bus for a six hour ride up north to El Nido!