Monday, August 19, 2013

Hotel Kangaroo, Rio Dulce

I ended up staying three times in this lovely place. Once with Melanie and before and after my sailing trip.
Gary, the australian owner, built himself a nice jungle/swamp retreat. He rents out a couple of cabins and private rooms and has a dorm under the thatched roof. As you are literally in the middle of the swamp don't expect good internet connection and also the power may go out (which just makes it more cozy). His mexican wife/girlfriend runs a restaurant with typical dishes, so you wont go hungry. There are kayaks for rent to explore the surroundings, but we never found time for it. Too much to do with relaxing and chilling on the tub ;)

We think we paid around 20 USD/CHF for the private room and 8 USD/CHF for the dorm, but its a while ago so use with precaution.

Tip: Bring our own booze, Gary wont mind!