Wednesday, December 17, 2014

To Samarkand and up north (12.09.2014 - 14.09.2014)

After Bukhara we continued on eastwards to the next Silk Road™city of Samarkand.

The cultural program was more or less the same: Iwans, madras, mosques and minarets ;) We ended up entering the big Registan square from some back street and didn't realise it was closed and costs a fee during the day ;)
Besides this we visited the big graveyard (again by accident entering on some side alley and bypassing the booth at the entrance ^^) with its many impressive tombs. But there where definitely too many tourist groups around to stay longer.

In the evening we entered a restaurant for dinner and got invited to join some locals. A lot of hand signs, beer, local specialities and vodka while Modern Talking was playing on TV in the background, weird meal ;).
Later we stumbled upon an internet cafe (without internet connection) where the kids go to play computer games. Lacking any other form of recreation activity we joined in and got totally destroyed, lol. The cliché-fat-gamer-kid total owned us.

After this we had to backtrack a bit and then headed up north. On the way we spotted an old sky burial ground and of course had to spend it a visit. Racing with our tiny car over unpaved streets and
carving in donuts into the soil ^^

After a hellish ride we finally made it to Munyak, the former fishing port at lake Aral. More on this natural disaster in the next post.

Transport ;)