Sunday, July 31, 2016

South Tyrol, Rimini and San Marino

We made it to country number three! After finally crossing into the South Tyrol and a rather short night in Bolzano we cruised along the beautiful Lago di Garda. A dip in the lake and detour to Sirmione for a pleasant meal we powered on to the east. The next morning we made a quick stop in Chioggia for breakfast as this is a city built in the lagoon like Venice (minus the tourist masses).
From there it was all the way south along the Adriatic coast to Rimini. The part were we stayed wasn't as crowded as expected and we had some beach time to battle our T-Shirt tans ;)
In the night we wandered around town and had to recognize that everybody was either half our age or got kids O_o
Luckily we found a street party full of locals and thanks to this ended up with little sleep and a miserable morning after ;). Some pizza for breakfast to sober up and we tackled the short stretch to the Republic of San Marino! Driving all the way up front to the historic part of the city we parked our mighty machines and headed into the tourist throng. There was some kind of medieval festival going on: people dressed up, stalls, falconry and canon shooting.