Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What happend in the mean time....

After our trip to Malta in 2017 we also visited Malaysia in autumn. Sadly we never got around writing about our three weeks up and down the peninsula and now its a bit late ;)

Anyway, in the middle of winter 2017/18 I bought a lovely 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser. Hence when summer came a first version of shelves and drawers was installed and off we went!
On the first leg of the trip through Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark Alex was my copilot. From there up to Stockholm I had some relaxing days by myself before going out for camping and fishing with my little brother. Shortly later Melanie arrived by plane and the two of us continued up north. Taking the long way round we finally reached Finland where we started our way south again. After many lakes and woods we stopped at Tampere and Helsinki before taking the ferry over to the Baltic states. We quite liked Talinn but also Riga and Vilnius with their old charming city centres. Next was Poland and a stopover at the last primeval forest in Europe. Of course we visited Warsaw and Krakau but also the rather depressing Auschwitz. Next country was Czechia with Brno and Prague. But also stopping in Pilsen for the beer and beer spa (no joke!). A short stop in the lovely Bavarian Forest and we were almost at home.

So this a quick mashup of the last two years, more up to date post should follow shortly ;)