Tuesday, September 24, 2019

To lake Khyargas

Shortly after leaving Ölgii we encountered a massiv thunderstorm, the sky turned black in mere minutes and it started to pour and hail as if there was no tomorrow. Pedal to the metal we raced on and could leave the worst of it behind us. The group of cyclists we met shortly before weren't as lucky. But I guess thats why you go by bike 🤷‍♂️

Not much later the sun was out again and everything was peaceful...

Anyway, we drove on and soon the dirt track deteriorated until there wasn't anything to follow. It turns out we had missed some turn some where earlier. But this being Mongolia we just kept driving as the crow flies 🤗
And then in the middle of nowhere perfect 4G reception! Back in Ölgii we had bought a data SIM including 60GB of traffic. Obviously a huge and sparsely populated country like Mongolia doesn't have full coverage. But almost every town or even hamlet had good and strong mobile signals. Fast enough for video calls back home, while driving cross country through the plains 😆 So the moment we got coverage we knew there must be a town nearby.

That evening we setup camp close to lake Khar-Us where multiple yurts were standing. In the distance a storm raged and we enjoyed the view with the mountains being illuminated by the many lightning strikes. Another unforgettable scenery, Mongolia!

Horse and sheep herds passed our spot and in the morning two herdsman showed up. The father and his son wanted to look inside the roof tent and were quite curious about our gear. With some hand signals the father gave me to understand that he wanted to buy my Swiss army knife 😄 But as I still needed it we gave him one of the small pocket knives as a present instead. Delighted posing for pictures followed and then they rode on.

After a brief stop at the western shore of lake Khyargas for a swim we drove along the northern coast and out onto its peninsula. Right up to the waters edge we found this lovely spot 😍
That tiny speck is our car 😎
There were lots of fish around so out with the fishing gear and best of luck. Just a couple of throws later I had one on the hook but as the Misses wasn't into fish that evening it was its lucky day and we let him go.
Later some local tourists showed up for a swim and told us that they built the stone towers nearby. Accepting the challenge we had to build a bigger one, you might have seen the images on Instagram 😉