Sunday, June 14, 2020

At the Pacific Ocean

First glimpse of the Pacific Ocean
After a day and night of city life it was time to hit the road again. Having caught up with the boys we did reduce our pace and decided to take a little detour to the coast, the Pacific coast 😎

Soon after leaving the well maintained road between Khabarovsk and Vladivostok we had to cross a (train?) bridge. Time to let the drone fly 🤗

We barely made it across when a huge timber lorry rumbled by and without slowing down thundered over the bridge... Russia 😅

Finally we reached the coast but the weather wasn't too great. The "rain forest" did its name proud, nevertheless the view was great. Right next to where we slept the cliffs descended to the beach, had to take care at night! 

The next morning we drove further south along the coast. Crossing back into the Udegeyskaya Legenda National Park where we hoped to spot one of the few remaining Amur tigers. There were signs along the road but sadly we didn't catch a glimpse. 

Stopping at one of the ranger stations the guards laughed at us and said: You no see tiger, tiger see you! 🤣
Apparently people living in and around the park don't see one in their lifetime...  🤷‍♂️ 

Even though it was mostly cloudy we still enjoyed the beach we had for ourselves.

Nick and I tried our luck with fishing but only had a single catch which also was too small 😕

The following day we headed to Balyuzek, a peninsula which shelters a bay popular with the locals. All along the coast were people camping and barbecuing. Trying to avoid the crowd we pushed further and drove all the way to to the tip where the lighthouse is situated.

Not wanting to double back the same way we took a little path along the cliffs, still looking for a place to camp.

We finally settled for a spot right at the cliffs. Pitching our cars in little depressions in the landscape to be protected from the wind. 

Then it was time to relax and enjoy the view, nothing else to do!

The descent the next morning proved to be quite slippery. A bit too muddy for those in their all terrain tires 😜 Luckily we were at hand to help out 💪 😎

And that was it, next stop Vladivostok!