Saturday, March 25, 2023

Vat Phou

From Thakhek we drove further south to Pakse. A rather large city with nothing worth seeing we hit the mall but missed out on the only English speaking movie for the night and didn’t feel like watching a Thai/Lao version 😂
There was a large “I ❤️ PAKSE” sign and we asked the security guard to take a picture of the two of us… 😆

Great composition, Aaron somewhere on the left 😁

We invested in some scarves against the dust and to get better protection from the sun Aaron bought some sleeves like the locals wear. Labeled Speed! they also made his bike faster 😉

Having driven already over 700km since the last oil change we did again some maintenance. This time in a nail & hair saloon selling grilled chicken besides doing moto maintenance 🤣

The next day we visited our first Wat ☺️ We didn’t feel like visiting one of the hundreds on our way before as they all more or less look alike and aren’t even historic but just some concrete Buddha with gold paint. 
Not so with Vat Phou, an old Khmer Hindu temple complex going back to the pre-Angkor age. 
Laying at the foot of a hill the whole complex was enlarged over the years with the main buildings built in the 11th century but the first carvings dating back to the second century AD.

Over the years Buddhism took over and there is now a Buddhist shrine at the top inside the old Hindu temple.

There are ongoing excavation and restoration going on which was interesting to see.

Drawings done by hand

India is financing the restoration of the Hindu complex 😬

Then on we drove, crossing back over the Mekong. By ferry this time.