Thursday, April 25, 2013

Santiago de Cuba & Baracoa

After Holguin I left for Santiago. I wanted to take the Viazul bus but couldn't buy the ticket before. First they told me to be at the station at 8:45, then the muchacho said to wait till 9:00, then he left. Later he told to wait till 9:30 and so on. There was a young Italian couple and a french guy waiting, so in the end we took a cab together. But just as we drove away from the bus station the bus arrived...

In Santiago de Cuba I visited the old town, which looks like it is falling apart any time after years of pirate and hurricane attacks. I took a cab out to the Castillo de Morro which guards the entrance to the bay. Lovely view and there is a little pirate museum inside, all in espaƱol though. In the evening I went out with Gilbert, the french math prof to party. It's just strange when a bottle of rum in the disco costs the same as a single drink back home.

Next was Baracoa, the first city and capital in Cuba. Described as a little town out of touch with the world it can't live up to its reputation. Of course the city is cute but I was expecting something half the size or less. Nevertheless its surrounded by national parks, so I had to take a trip there. Our group had nice guide which knew all the plants, birds and lizards and how they could be used as medicine (the plants ;). There was even the usual jump form the waterfall ;) Later we lounged at the beach, I don't know the name but it was all white sand and turquoise water.

This is the most western part of my trip, now it gets back to the north-east.