Friday, April 19, 2013


Because I’m lazy I didn’t wanted the have a ordinary blog with a lot of text an such. Just some pictures with GPS coordinates so everbody knew when and were they were taken and thats it. I would leave the blogging to my better half ;)

But my plans or should I say my non existing plans were shattered on the infrastructure or should I say the missing infrastructure in cuba. Internet access is something truly uncommon on this island as far i can tell. That my rundown hotel for the first two nights in Varadero or my casa particular in Holguin didn’t have any internet access was not surprising. But then I learned that the only Internet access was to be found in special governement internet cafes and in the finer (say expensive) hotels. And in both places on special workstations for which you have to buy a little prepaid card, scratch of the account name and passwort and login. No big deal you may think, but with a city the size of Holguin (300’000 inhabitants) there was only one internet cafe. Luckily most of the cubans can’t afford the 3CHF/US$ for 30min so I didn’t had to wait long till one of the 7 stations was free to use. Prepared I had exported some pictures on a USB stick which I wanted to upload, but behold... it took more than 20min for just one!
So this is my excuse why you haven’t heard from me so far and propably wont till I leave this island. This is also the reason the website is still a work in progress as I can’t use my own shiny MacBook and all my tools.

I still try to write down in different post, hope it's not too confusing ;)