Monday, May 27, 2013

From Matanzas to Vienales (08.05.2013 ‐ 12.05.2013)

Patrick and I took the train from Matanzas to Habana, at 2.80CHF/US$ a bargain ;) The bumpy ride was quite fun although we weren’t too sad when we finally arrived in Habana 4 hours later. As I wasn’t fit at all, having around 38° fever and Patrick still a bit jet lagged we skipped the party and went sleeping early. The next day we had to get up early to catch the bus to Vienales.

Why do all the busses have to leave so early?!
In Vienales we got a recommended casa for 15CHF/US$ the night, were we stayed three nights. We did the typical touristy thing and went horseback ridding =) After four hours with some stops to drink a coco loco (coconut split open with added rum and honey), visit a tobacco farm (where we didn’t buy anything to the great dissapointment of the farmer) and a went swimming in a murky lake we were quite glad to walk on our own two legs again.

In the evening we met two german sisters we knew from the bus, Sosîa and Esther. So we shared a bottle of rum and decided to share a cab the next day to Cayo Juita. Cayo Juita turned out to be the nicest beach I’ve seen so far in Cuba. Endless white sand and bleached drift wood lying in the surf, definatly a must see.
Also there weren’t too many people around and we went to lay under the shade of a three in the sand, so we skipped the charge for shade and sun chair.