Monday, May 27, 2013

Playa Maria La Gorda and back to Vienales (13.05.2013 ‐ 19.05.2013)

With enough (too much?) time on our hands we decided to head further south­west to Playa Maria La Gorda. Patrick wanted to make his Open Water Certification here, but they didn’t have any guide books left, Cuba!
I bougth a five dives package for 195CHF/US$ and Patrick came along on two shallow dives. There wasn’t much to do here beside enjoying the sunsets with a bottle of rum and a cigar in front of our room. Thats how we met Sophie and Cedric from Geneva, from which we inherited a couple of fake Cohibas, thx again!

As the hotel was quite in bad shape and the food quite crap we left after three nights and headed back to Vienales. This time we were better prepared and headed to a casa we’ve seen before. Sadly/Luckily it was occupied and we settled for the one next door. 
Which turned out super nice! Huge patio, with sunchairs and a big fountain/small pool. We skipped the swimming in the pool but enjoyed the Piña Coladas and the super tasty food! One of the nicest casas so far!
This time we rented two bikes and drove around in the valley. It was quite a lovely ride, espacially with the stops to drink a Mojito on each possibilty ^^
The next day we headed to Cayo Levisa. White sand and nothing to do all day =) 
Still Cayo Juita was nicer ;)

That saturday evening we went out to party in Vienales! We bought a bottle of rum and a bottle of Tu­Kola for not even 10CHF/US$ in the local disco ;)

The next day was all hang­over treatment till we took a cab to Soroa in the afternoon.