Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Into Colombia again (03.01.2014 - 05.01.2014)

We landed on time in Medellin and took the bus to the city center from where we shared a cab with another travelling couple. Once at our hostel we where again reminded that this is latin america. We had made a reservation over for two nights. But alas, the kid "manning" the reception couldn't find it on his dirty scrap paper. It seemed the mix of online and offline reservation didn't really work, how could it. We where told we could only stay for one night. So we headed out to find a place for our second night. But as it was still holiday season it wasn’t that easy. Later the owner turned up and cleared the issue. He put two more mattresses on the floor in one of the dorms and two people slept in the common area (by purpose or just passing out we didn’t know).

We spent our day in Medellin by visiting the Botanical Garden Park and wandering around the center. The plan was to visit Parque Explora but the huge sunday crowd discouraged us. Around the Plaza Botero where many status from Fernando Botero on display, as he was born here more than 81 years ago. The legend says rubbing the bronze statues brings luck.

Early the next morning we headed further south to Bogota. The bus ride took about 10 hours with a stop for lunch in the middle. Once in Bogota we contacted Mario, an old friend from my time in Vancouver, to pick us up at the bus terminal!

Fat Cat - Botero