Friday, January 10, 2014

Posada La Casita, Ciudad Bolivar

In the heart of Venezuela, near the "small" town of Ciudad Bolivar, you will find the Posada La Casita witch is run by Peter Rothfuss and his wife Maria.
Peter, also called "El Aleman" has his own world in a green park including pool and a little zoo. He offers rooms or free standing "casitas" all with air con, privat bathroom and hot water. A room costs 25$ and a cabin 32$, he accepts transaction or you can pay cash in bolivar, dollar or euro.
The place is a 20 minutes drive away from the center but he has a shuttle service twice a day and will pick you up if you give him a call.
Peter also has his own travel agency named Gekko Tours and an airplane to Canaima. He has the best connections and fair prices. If you plan to go to Salto Angel he is your guy!