Monday, February 17, 2014

Nuestra Señora de La Paz & Death Road (08.02.2014 - 11.02.2014)

On the first evening we went to visit Janis & Max in their party hostel, Loki. Some beers, drinks and pirate hats later the party was in full swing! Unfortunately the hang over the next day was also quite impressive...
After having cured the worst of it we went to explore the city. Notably the infamous San Pedro prison (only from the outside though!). Later we walked through the witch market, where you can buy all kinds of herbs and potions. Mostly oriented toward improving sexual affection, Steffan was close to buy some sex parfume ;).
The next day we booked a tour to ride the Death Road by downhill bike. We ended up booking with Pro Downhill, not the cheapest but also not the most expensive option. Turned out great! There where actually more people in the more expensive groups and the cheapest option with only front suspension would have been gruel.
Besides Has, Steff, Melanie and me there where three totally hung over Chilean, our two guides and the driver. The first part from the mountain pass at 4670m above sea was all on concrete, not that challenging. After a short snack and another bus ride the dirt road and official Death Road started. By now there is a new road available bypassing this dangerous stretch! Nevertheless some cars/trucks decide to use the old road as it is faster. But the night before a landslide made it impossible for cars to pass, so we had not to worry too much about traffic. The two guides where really good, one in the back and another one ahead of the group. They both took care that everybody could ride at his comfortable speed. I could stop, take pictures and then overtake the whole group again. If the guide saw that one of us wanted to drive faster he would accelerate, we had some awesome races ^^
At the end of the stretch we loaded the bikes onto the van again and could rest and eat at a pool before returning the long (and safe way) to La Paz.
The next day we spent relaxing and preparing our way south to the Uyuni salt flats!