Monday, February 24, 2014

San Pedro & La Serena (15.02.2014 - 19.02.2014)

We stayed in San Pedro for two nights, enjoying the western standards but clearly not its prices. Everything is ridiculous expensive, almost swiss prices! Coming from Bolivia we had already seen more then enough lagoons, geysers and deserts so we skipped the overpriced tours ;) 

After two days of relaxing we headed further south to La Serena. From here we headed eastwards to visit the Pisco valley for a day. Where they produce the grape brandy with the same name, Pisco. You can have a look around one of the distilleries and afterwards try the different kinds they sell. Was interesting but the drinks weren't really my cup of tea... ;)
For the night we had booked a tour around Mamalluca observatory. Located next to Vicuña with its 300 clear days a year its the ideal place to go stargazing. The guide showed us the different star constellations, galaxies, the moons of Jupiter and other things. Was quite interesting, but the dumbness of certain people (taking pictures with your phone and flash of the stars!?! o_O) was just amazing...

We passed the time relaxing in the garden, fixing the blog and having a barbecue!