Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mendoza (10.03.2014 - 13.03.2014)

We passed the first day in Mendoza strolling around the city on its many tree lined avenues. Then we hurried home so we wouldn't miss the daily hostel happy hour free wine ;). All the travellers met in the backyard and we exchanged stories long into the night.

The next day we headed off (with a slight hangover) to visit two wineries and a olive oil factory. The first stop was quite a contrast to the wine yard we've visited in Chile. Multiple times bigger and everything is automated and industrialised. Our guide showed us every aspect of the production, from the delivery of the grapes, over the pressing and storage to the bottling and labelling. As we are right in the harvest season many trucks lined up to get weighted and deliver their cargo. Afterwards we got some lessons how to do a proper wine tasting: swirling, smelling, examine the tears on the glass, etc ;)
We got to try two of their wines and one of their champagne before our bus took us to the next destination.
The guide in the olive oil factory showed us all the equipment needed to press and filter the oil. Part of the tour then was to try their different oils and various dried fruits they have on sale. Melanie of course bought a huge bag of dried tomatoes ;)
Last stop for the day was at a much smaller winery again. It wasn't as pretty and not as friendly as the first one. We weren't allowed to take pictures of most of the places o_O
Back at the hostel they had a big argentinian asado ready and everybody was seated on one huge table enjoying the meat and wine! Thats what I've been looking forward to in all these months of pollo fritto con frijoles ;)

To get to Buenos Aires the other day we booked a night bus again. This time with Chevallier, whose bus was quite shabby and had no service at all...

37500l of wine!