Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pucon & Puerto Montt (30.02.2014 - 06.03.2014)

It took us almost a whole day and three different busses to reach Pucon from Santa Cruz. This little town is famous for its many outdoor activities. You can go canyoning, river rafting, do a canopy tour, visit the different hot springs and of course do a lot of hiking. To relax from our bus journey we headed to visit the Pozones hot springs. They where nice but sitting in hot water when it is already hot weather is kind of pointless, you just sweat even more ;)

The next day we decided to do some hiking and ventured to the Santuario El Cañi. Having heard it would be steep we thought we where (mentally) prepared. But it took us 3 hours of steady climbing to reach the plateau with its lakes. It was nice to stroll beneath the huge trees, enjoying the lakes and having a rest before tackling the climb to the viewpoint. Almost an other hour of climbing was rewarded with an awesome view!
If you want to do this go as early as possible, I can't imagine how it would be to do this under a powerful midday sun!
The decent, thanks to my shot knees, was the more painful part in my opinion... I'm getting old!

From Pucon we headed further south to Puerto Montt. Here ships leave for Puerto Antes in Tierra del Fuego. We hoped to find a cheap last minute deal, as the summer and therefore the window was closing. Sadly the cheapest boat was still way out of budget, as where any trips down into the arctic from Ushuaia. Also we would have to get some serious trekking and winter gear, our sneakers aren't really made to wander around the end of the world ;).

So we sadly decided to head over to Bariloche in Argentina and postpone Patagonia for another day when we would be a bit better prepared...