Sunday, July 14, 2019

St. Petersburg & Moscow

After a cumbersome border procedure we were again in Russia!
In St.Petersburg we had a tight schedule: Insurance for the car, vaccinations for Melanie and sightseeing 😁
There are plenty of fancy castles and churches but also lots of hip bars and restaurants. In one of these bars we met a local which led us to enjoy a beer on the rooftop during the (almost) white nights of St. Petersburg.

After indulging on international cuisine and drinking craft beer for three days it was time to head further into Russia. Conveniently placed between St.P and Moscow lies the national park of Valdaysky where we camped for the night.

The next day we reached the capital where we had to get our visa for Mongolia. Besides this we drove wit the Metro to have a look at the stunning underground stations, visit the Red Square with Kreml and St. Basil's Cathedral nearby and had some late night rooftop drinks to enjoy the skyline.
Before heading further east we stopped at the cosmonauts museum to have a look at sputnik and co. 🛰