Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beautiful Bonito (16.04.2014 - 18.04.2014)

The next morning we met Raphael which whom I had talked on the phone. He has Brazilian parents which had moved to Austria where he has spent half his live as well got an education in tourism. Everybody who has spent holidays in Austria can tell they are lovely hosts! He made us welcome from the first minute, helped us with our tours (more to this later), offered us his couch so we could spend one more night in Bonito (which we gladly accepted) and when we returned had the classical chocolate-on-the-pillow-treat waiting for us.

As they take the whole eco-tourism quite seriously all the tours are planned through with a certain amount of people per slot and time. One on the main attractions in the area are the crystal clear rivers of whom you can visit several. But the only spot left to go snorkling till the next week was an hour later and the only slot to go diving the other day. It seems all the Brazilians (as 99% of the guests for the weekend where locals) had booked there trips together with the accommodation.

So we ended up floating down Rio Sucuri not much later. This crystal clear river is teaming with fish, I've never seen so much (fresh water) fish in one place!
In the evening we headed to Taboa bar, the local tourist trap for our first Brazilian Caipirinha!

The next day we went to dive in Lagoa Mysteriosa. This sinkhole goes down to more than 220 meters, with a possibility to explore some side caves if you are a certified cave diver, which we are not =(.
Anyway we where eager to be back in the water, remembering the cenotes in Tulum quite fondly.
The whole thing was excellent organised, we didn't have to lift a finger, and was set in lush vegetation. Nevertheless we where a bit disappointed for what we got for our money. Expensive in the already terms of expensive Bonito we had expected more or are maybe just spoilt ;)

As everything was booked out for the coming days and we also wanted to avoid the holiday crowds we ended up fleeing to the Pantanal!