Monday, April 7, 2014

Iguazu Falls (03.04.2014 - 07.04.2014)

We spent way too much time in Puerto Iguazu, nobody told us you can easily visit both sides of the falls in one day. But the main reason was our hostel odyssee.
The first place had bedbugs, which we luckily saw before it was too late. Firtst time in one year of travel... But the room they offered us in replacement was so dirty we still left the other day. The next place had only space for one night but we were too exhausted and didn't care. Therefore we had to switch again the other day.

On the Argentinian side they have a little train to bring the masses up to the devils throat. If you hurry a bit you can leave the crowd behind on the one kilometre walkway to the edge of the fall. We had the platform almost to our self till the masses arrived and we fled ;)
The place is more about feeling the enormous water masses crashing down than for the view (too much spray) or pictures (too much spray). Wet and happy we headed back to have a look at the rest of the many falls broken up by greenery before taking the bus back into town.

The other day we took a cab to the Brazilian side. From this side you start to realize how big the whole thing is as you have a perfect full front view of the falls. If you want to take pictures this is the place to go. Sadly the ways where quite narrow and every time somebody stopped to take a picture everything came to a standstill.
The highlight was again a walkway and platform built out to the edge to have a view of the devils throat from below.

On both sides there where extra boat, kanu and even helicopter tours available which we skipped, not worth the crazy price in my opinion...

As we we had a cab, the most convenient option in terms of border control, we could make a stop at he duty free center between Brazil and Argentina. It had some nice stuff, but lugging it around till we get home wasn't feasible so left empty handed.

Next stop Paraguay!

View from Brazil