Saturday, April 5, 2014

Uruguay (20.03.2014 - 27.03.2014)

From Buenos Aires we took the ferry which took us across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia de Sacramento. This town has preserved its old part and we strolled through cobblestone streets from tiny boutique to little restaurant.
Next stop was the capital, Montevideo. Since I've heard of it I've always wanted go visit the city only because of its name :D We stayed two nights which gave us ample time to explore the city.

Around this time we came to realize how Mate crazy the Uruguayans are! Almost everybody has his Mate cup in hand and a thermos bottle tucked in the pit of the same arm. And they drink it everywhere: on the street, bus, park, beach. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between! All the time pouring some new hot water in their cups.

After Montevideo we headed north for Punta del Diablo. This beach town not far from the Brazilian border is famous for its crazy parties in high season which attract huge crowds. Now in the low season it was utterly deserted. Most bars, restaurants and supermarkets where closed and maybe every hundredth weekend house occupied. There where hundreds of these beach get aways for rent and sale available. Nevertheless we enjoyed to wander in the dunes and along the beach. Watching the fisher men how they pulled fish after fish out of the surf or just lying next to the pool trying to get back our caribbean tan ;)
After four days of relaxing we headed back south to Buenos Aires, took the bus and again the ferry to reach our little apartment again for a week.