Friday, June 27, 2014

Getting ready!

This next trip requires a little bit better preparation than backpacking through latin america. In all the 22 countries Melanie and I visited we never needed a visa in advance. This time we need a visa for Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and a transit visa for Turkmenistan...
When Genti and I looked around what was needed to get them we saw early on that they wanna know our licence plates. But we hadn't bought a car at the time! So we had to buy a car first...

First we wanted to buy a car which has 4x4 on a budget of 1000 USD. We even looked into buying a convertible ;) In the end we decided to half our budget as it really didn't matter in this class of cars. We also decided we don't need all wheel drive, more fun this way ;)
After looking around multiple online platforms and even some old fashioned second hand car salesman we ended up bidding for a car we've never seen except for the shitty cell phone picture on the page ;)
This seemed to have discouraged all other buyers because we won! We now own a shiny shitty 1997 Opel Corsa B in dark blue ;)
Kind of crazy how much car you get for 500 swiss francs. This car is street legal in Switzerland for at least another six months, including combustion test! Afterwards you could probably postpone the vehicle inspection for another month or two and then sell it for maybe 100.- for export...

The "features" of the car:

  • 1.4 gasoline engine with mighty 60 horse powers ;)
  • Front wheel drive
  • Roof window, yeah!
  • No AC =/
  • Radio with CD, USB and line-in, yuppie!
  • A lot of rust
  • Back suspension already creaking
  • Tires squealing if going into corners too fast ;)
  • Steering wheel not aligned, if you drive straight it is at maybe at 2 o'clock, lol
What we added:
  • 12v splitter, have now 3 possibilities to charge stuff
  • Cooler/mini fridge!
  • USB christmas tree
  • Yellow rally stripe, makes it go look faster!
  • Air freshener in form of a Chinese symbol, Luck!
  • Chrome plastic stripes in the front, bling!
  • Chrome plastic nut covers for the wheels, more bling!
  • Fan on water spray bottle, poor mans AC
  • Dozens of stickers: Chinese instructions and a lot of 2. Wahl (second choice) stickers ;)
  • GoPro mount stickers
  • Tiny mirror stickers for making a disco ball, haven't decided where to put those...
After getting licence and registration for this wonder of the automotive world we proceeded with our visa plans. Some research later we found out we also need official approved finger prints for Iran. So up and away to the local police to take these (was kind of weird o_O).
Some more googling and we decided to postpone most of the visa trouble as some visas weren't available immediately. Also we got told the reference number needed for entry in Iran is only valid for 50 days. We gonna do this once we reach Istanbul, always wise to postpone such stuff ^^

Our baby! ;)