Monday, July 21, 2014

SeaDance (15.-20.07.2014)

This year the Exit came in form of the Exit Adventure, including the SeaDance festival near Budva, Montenegro. The line-up was mediocre at best and the organization totally unprepared. When we arrived most of the drink stalls weren't opened and the area not entirely fenced in. The film stage had to use a delivery van as canvas o_O. We managed to walk out of the festival and were told at the entrance we're only allowed one admission a day (but they let us in anyway).
Headliner of the first night was Jamiroquai: some dude jumping around on the main stage in the local outfit, a track suit ;). We visited the Dance and the Latino stage situated at the beach, but the atmosphere wasn't really the best. Genti blames this on the served Tuborg beer ;)
The following day we went into town and visited the old part of Budva. The little alleys and plazas were a nice contrast to the ugly concrete buildings lining the beach. We visited the local dive shop and made an appointment for the following Friday (afternoon ^^).
On the second night Example should have been the highlight, but delivered a boring performance. Luckily Eddy Temple-Morrison saved the night!
A relaxing day pool side later we headed for the third and final night to Jaz beach. We emptied our debit-drinking-cards and left, without seeing the main act Underworld ;)
On Friday Genti visited Budva while the rest went for a dive. As expected of the Mediterranean sea there wasn't much to see. Also our guide caught an octopus and squeezed him to make it blow ink and cracked some sea urchins to attract and feed fish. Not so nice...
As Winston was flying home from Podgorica (formerly known as Titograd) we drove to the capital of Montenegro for a night. After visiting the Millenium bridge and Mall of Montenegro we had seen all the attractions of the city ;). Some cheap wine, drinks, beers and a short night later we drove to the tiny airport where we dropped off Winston and the remaining three continued on to Albania.

PS: Fun fact: Montenegro uses the €uro unilaterally (without having an agreement with EU ^^)