Tuesday, July 15, 2014

State of Exit

After a healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs we continued on to Slovenia. In Maribor we stayed at the same place like last time on our Vespa trip through former Yugoslavia.
Next country on the list was Croatia. Which we reached early in the afternoon and could go for a swim in the nearby Jarun lake. A stroll through the old part including some pivos (beers) and a meal later we returned to our hostel in a former office building.
To reach Belgrade in time to pick up Rainer we took the autoput (motor way) all the way to the Serbian capital. Here we stayed for two nights: Pasquals 4th, my 3rd and Rainers 2nd time here ;)
On thursday morning we packed our bags and headed to Novi Sad for the Exit festival. 
A bit later Aed and Patrick joined us and the Exit crew was complete. The following days all blend together: Mojito in town, music at the fortress, party till the wee hours of the morning and directly to the breakfast buffet before sleeping till the afternoon. 
This festival in the old Petrovaradin fortress attracts all kind of people from over 60 nations. Playing electronic, rock, raegge, salsa, punk, karaoke, folklore, world music and more. Sadly the festival wasn't what it used to be. A large part of the fortress was closed, they served Tuborg beer, had less stages and it rained! =\ Nevertheless we made the best of it ;) 
Worth mentioning was Pretty Ligths, We Love Machines, Yus Yus, Jaguar Skills and of course Skrillex. 
After four days it was over for Aed, we said goodbye to each other during breakfast and went to sleep. Around noon the four remaining squeezed into our mighty Opel and headed on to Sarajevo.