Monday, July 7, 2014

To the Urban Art Forms, Graz

We left Switzerland on the first of July and drove north to Konstanz to pick up the ship horn I ordered online ;) I will tell you more about it once we have it installed... 
From there we took the long and scenic route along the lake Constance all the way past Munich to Salzburg. There we checked out the old city and had some beers, no shortage of places to go out on a Tuesday, impressive! ;)
The following day we visited the fortress, including the Rainer Museum, overlooking the city. Even walked up instead of taking the funicular! ^^
Next stop was Steinach, which turned out to be wrong as we needed to go to Stainach. Luckily they were only 50km apart on our way to Graz. Once at the right place I bought a multi fuel stove and we kept on trucking. In Graz we stumbled across the old town and by accident bumped into the local CouchSurfing meeting! We exchanged phone numbers to meet at the Urban Art Forms festival and then headed on to a party for some Erasmus students till well past midnight, on a Wednesday. Nobody seems to work here... ;)
The next day we picked up some Candy and drove to the festival. We had a reservation for the TentHotel, rows and rows of installed tents where you only have to bring a sleeping bag. Looked a bit like a refugee camp but the location was immediately at the entrance to the main stage. Can definitely recommend this!
The next three days went by way to fast as we passed the nights with some awesome acts on stage and the days at the lovely Schwarzelsee. The lake was right at the campsite and you could borrow stand up paddling boards (free of charge) or just sit in the water and enjoy the sun.
On Sunday afternoon we met again with Lisa from Couchsurfing for a breakfast of bacon and eggs before dropping off Candy in Graz and continuing on to Maribor.