Saturday, July 19, 2014

Through Bosnia-Herzegovina (14.-15.07.2014)

The second part of The Exit Adventure, SeaDance, took place near Budva in Montenegro. To get there we needed to cross through Bosnia-Herzegovina. We did split this almost ten hours journey into two by staying a night in Sarajevo. But to reach the city you have to drive into this country which seems to be all hills, mountains and no motor ways.
Ah, we had our first lovely encounter with the police at the border leaving Serbia. They stopped us and made empty the car. Then they searched my entire bag, opening every little zipper. The guy searching our car even smelled at the construction glue, with which we glue gadgets to our car... Obbviously they didn't find anything and we could leave, without even looking into our cooler... O_o
Finally out of Serbia the amount of abandoned gas station increased even more. (Why? Don't they need gasoline here?) Also other neglected buildings lined the streets. We even found a destroyed skiing lift...
The night in Sarajevo was uneventfull as all of us where quite tired after the long ride following four days of party.
The second day continued as the first had ended: forested hills followed by wide empty spaces. At an abandoned hotel we stopped for a photo shoot, finally using the party fireworks we had bought way back in Austria. For the video you will have to wait till I'm back at my Mac.
When we reached the coast in Montenegro we were glad this long ride was over. Four people in our tiny car is a bit cramped...