Sunday, May 25, 2014

How we ended up in Porto de Galinhas (17.05.2014 - 23.05.2014)

After the troubles we had to get to Penedo we wised up (or thought so) and bougth a ticket the day before to Maceio, two-thirds of the way to Maragogi our destination. We left town early(ish) and arrived at three in the afternoon in the capital of the state Alagoas. Surprise, surprise: no more busses today to Maragogi! WTF! This was the third time we got stuck in Brazil! We definitely should have rented a car for this last leg...
Sick of it all we took a direct bus to Recife and decided to look at our options from there. An unpleasant bus ride later (mainly to the fact we had a drunken, booze spilling, stinking, muttering to her self lady hobo behind us) we arrived in the early hours at the airport in Recife. Tempting...!
After some sleep and a walk at the beach we decided to give the coastal towns another try and went south again the next day to Porto de Galinhas.
Porto de Galinhas, literally chicken port, gets its name from the past when they used this little town to smuggle in slaves into Brazil. They hid them in boats with chickens and also used it as code word for sellers. Advertising them as "fresh new chickens"! The name stuck and now it is the major gift/souvenir/crap on sale in town besides bins and phone booths, statues, street signs and much more in chicken form. Its a nice little tourist town, exactly what we needed after the hassle we had to get here and as an end to our epic journey.
We spent the days relaxing at the pool or the long beach. Compared to Rio there where much more hawkers trying to sell you ugly t-shirts or tours. Still not too bad, especially the little carts selling all kinds of food and drink. Can't complain if they bring you a big Caipirsoka to your chair for not even 5$. The Caipirinhas where cheaper but I still can't get to like the Cachaça. I don't understand why they wouldn't make proper rum out of the sugarcane?!
It also felt good to be not the only one wearing surf shorts, was kind of creeping me out in Rio ;)

Chicken with visa, politically not so correct...