Saturday, May 31, 2014

Recife, Olinda and then home (23.05.2014 - 28.05.2014)

In Recife we headed to the old part of Olinda. This lovely colonial town lies on and around a little hill which gives you awesome views. The old churches and other houses are quite a contrast to the high rise buildings of Recife in the back.
Our last day then was spent shopping, packing and deciding what to take home or leave behind.

On the day of our departure we got to the airport early enough to fix our visa problem. When we entered Brazil the guy at the federal police station only gave us 30 days of stay, even though 90 days is the usual. It seemed he didn't like us, had a bad hair day or what ever...
So we conveniently "lost" the little paper with the 30 days on it and hoped this would be the end of it. Sadly it wasn't that easy. When we told the federal police we needed a new little paper they told us not to worry, we wouldn't need it anymore.
But when they checked our passports later they found out we had overstayed =/ All explaining, pleading and pointing to the 90 days usual didn't help. Because the sucker at the entrance had entered our names with 30 days into the system! They then asked us the names of our parents (?) and printed some papers we had to sign. All portuguese of course. Afterwards we got an other paper and explained this is the fine we had to pay or would not be able to enter Brazil again. But we could leave, wohoo!
I'm tempted not to pay... It's only 35$ but Brazil really wasn't a good host. I don't know how they gonna do it for the world cup and the olympic games. Almost nobody speaks english (or any other language besides portuguese) and many times we were treated much poorer and ruder than other Brazilian guests.

A 12 hours cramped-tourist-class flight later (what you get if you book the cheapest flight out of Brazil to Europe ^^) we touched down in Frankfurt. Here we got picked up by a uncle of Melanie which pleasantly drove us all the way home to Switzerland! Thanks again Paul!