Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ilha Grande (27.04.2014 - 01.05.2014)

Our bus dropped us off at Angra dos Reis at 5 in the morning, so we had to kill some time till the ferry to Ilha Grande would depart. A 45 minutes catamaran ride later we arrived at the big bay which serves as the main harbour.
As accommodation we had a reservation in a lovely little pousada. Next to a little stream and lots of vegetation it felt like staying in the jungle.

Right next to the main town of Vila do Abraão lies the entrance to the national park. When we walked along the path we could spot some tiny monkeys gnawing at the bark of trees. They where so cute, hanging upside down trying to reach the next branch ;)

The main attraction on Ilha Grande are of course the many beaches. The most famous, Lopes Mendez, can be reached by a two hour hike or a 15 minutes boat ride. As a compromise we hiked one way and took the boat back ;) 

Besides lounging at the beach you can also go diving. But the poor visibility and cold water discouraged us, maybe another day.

As the island was getting crowded for the first of may, a national holiday, we decided to continue on to Rio.