Friday, May 23, 2014

Nono Penedo (15.05.2014 - 16.05.2014)

Next destination was the colonial town of Penedo at the Rio Sao Francisco. After waiting for three hours on the main road we finally found a bus which at least drove in the right direction, if only half way. Another bus ride later we arrived in the major city of Aracaju where we were told the next bus to Penedo would leave the following day! Being stuck in a ugly city and having a reservation (and down payment) in Penedo we had no choice but to take an expensive cab for the last leg. Our taxi driver took us to the wrong side of the river, according to my "smart" phone, but luckily there was a ferry to take us across ;)
Penedo itself is a nice old colonial town with lots of old buildings in different states of repair and colours. On our second night was a little fiesta on the plaza below our window. It seemed the percussionist and singer had switched places. It sounded TERRIBLE! I most definitely can sing better than the guy screeching away not mentioning the other one banging away on the drums...
Did we mention this whole continent is all quantity over quality? ;)

View from our room