Friday, May 2, 2014

São Paulo (23.04.2014 - 26.04.2014)

After a 24 hours journey ordeal, including two bus changes, we made it to São Paulo. The largest city in Brazil, but also in the whole americas in terms of city limits.

Most of the travellers we met before told us to avoid it: nothing to see, dangerous, DANGEROUS!!! So we had fairly low expectations which where totally exceeded. Compared to the ugly and dangerous cities of central america São Paulo is very nice and safe. At least it made this impression on us ;)

We visited Liberdade, also known as little Tokyo. It is the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan. So we had cheap and good sushi and strolled through the many little Asia shops in the area.
The rest of the time we spent on Avenida Paulista, its side streets and shopping malls.

Soon it was time to pack our bags and take another overnight bus up north. This time luckily only 7 hours, olé!