Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rio de Janeiro: city, beach and mountains (01.05.2014 - 08.05.2014)

Having grown up near the water (just a stroll from the lake) I think a city without access to water (sea, lake, river, etc) is just half as nice. So Rio hits the jackpot, with half a dozen beaches close by. We were positively surprised about them: clean, spacious and next to no vendors bothering you.
But of course we didn't spent (all) our time lounging in the sand ;)

After a look at the "volcanic" cathedral we headed into Lapa. Here they where painting the famous Arcos de Lapa to be nice and shiny for the World Cup. The popular stairs where totally overcrowded but still okay. You can gift your own tiles to the artist, but we didn't have any on us ;)

On saturday we headed to the Jardim Botânico to have a look at the many orchids, nice park grounds and huge palm tree alleys. The supposed market close by was not to be found so we headed to Leblon to linger and eat some tasty food.

The following day was market day! Passing through the food market in Copacabana we took a bus to Ipanema for the "hippie" market. The time has moved on and most of the stalls now sell tourist souvenirs besides the usual trinkets. And you can pay by credit card everywhere... o_O
The rest of the day we spent like the locals on Ipanema beach =)

To have a good look on Rio we boarded the Bondinho (local name for the cable car, made in Stans Switzerland with Victorinox ads inside o_O) up to the Sugarloaf. It was pricy (25USD) but quite worth the view!

Of course we had to visit the Cristo Redentor as a finish to our week in Rio. Sadly it was quite misty, but we had nevertheless a nice view of the city.

The time has passed way too fast and we where already up and away to our next destination: Brasilia.